IBNA- A book on psychology 'Feminist Therapy' (2018) by American psychologist Laura ‎S. Brown that is not exclusively aimed to target women readers has been translated into ‎Persian and published.‎
'Feminist Therapy' has been translated into Persian by Rabe’h Movahed who believes they are therapists who will get most of this method of therapy. The book has been released by Tehran’s Arjmand Publishing in 176 pages.  
"Feminist therapy came into existence toward the end of the 1960s. Feminist practice is psychology derived from the realities that lie outside, beneath, and at variance from the visions of the dominant patriarchal mainstream. It is an integrative and competency-based paradigm that perceives human beings as responsive to the problems of their lives, capable of solving those problems, and desirous of change.
It is also a politically informed model that observes human experience within the framework of societal and cultural realities and through the dynamics of power informing those realities. This book represents an attempt to synthesize feminist therapy's heritage and roots, theory, and modes of practice as they stand in the early 21st century.
The model of feminist therapy described in this book is strongly influenced by multicultural and global feminism and by the politics of the social justice movements of feminism, multi-culturalism, and other similar movements working to transform society.

Feminist therapy and feminist therapists face the next eight decades of the 21st century wondering how transformations of our understandings of sex and gender, of power and relationships, and of the social and political context of therapy will transform our practice.
As a model for psychotherapy, feminist therapy continues to offer the concept that psychotherapy can, and should, be liberatory and that liberation is not simply a freedom from distress but a move toward the power of being able to know and name one's experiences of oppression as well as those of joy."
Dr. Laura S. Brown is a clinical and forensic psychologist in Seattle, Washington. She has taught at Argosy University, University of Washington, and Southern Illinois University.  Brown practices from a feminist perspective. She has received many honors and has published a number of articles, books, and programs throughout her career.
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