IBNA- Persian translation of Arabic book 'Kamel al-Ziarat' by Shi'a researcher Ibn ‎Qalwlouyeh which features hadiths on Ashura pilgrimage has been published in Qom.‎
Persian translation of
In this book, Ibn Qalwlouyeh has authorized 847 hadiths in 108 chapters which helps Shi'a researchers to trust them even thought they were narrated by less known hadith narrators (raavees).
'Kamel al-Ziarat' (Complete Pilgrimage Book) has been translated into Persian by Seyyed Ali Hosseini and has been released by Andisheh Mowlana in the religious city of Qom. The work is a rich source of research on the eventful day of Ashura and the prayers on pilgrimage.     
The author Abu al-Qasem Ja'far Ibn Mohammad Ibn Qalwlouyeh Qomi stated the motive for authoring of the book as follows: "I was seeking proximity to God and the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), Imam Ali (AS) and Hazrat Fatima (SA) and the following Imams, peace be upon them all."
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