IBNA- 'Kiss the Fair Face of God', a novel by Iranian writer Mostafa Mastoor will be ‎translated into Urdu to be published in Pakistan. ‎
Iranian novel to be published in Pakistan
Iranian Dayere-ye Mina Literary Agency has sold the rights of the book to Mehr Publishing in Pakistan on behalf of Mustafa Mastoor to release the work in that country.
A best-seller in Iran, 'Kiss the Fair Face of God' was published in 1979 by Markaz Publishing in Tehran. The book has been published in Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Bosnian, Arabic, Bengali and Azerbaijani and is going to find its way to the Urdu-speaking market for the first time.
Mehr Publishing is based in Quetta, the provincial capital and largest city of the Province of Balochistan in Pakistan, and is one of the publishers committed to purchase the book according to a contract.
As stated by the agreement, 'Kiss the Fair Face of God' will  be translated into Urdu by the Pakistani poet Ahmad Shahriyar who is also a writer living in Iran and has published his writings and translations in Persian and Urdu in both countries.
'Kiss the Fair Face of God' tells the story of a sociology student Younes Ferdows who is confronted with questions and ambiguities about God, existence, and the conflict between sense and sensibility.
Born in 1964 in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz, Mastoor is a writer, translator and literally researcher. He has translated the stories of American short story writer and poet Raymond Carver into Persian.
Story Code : 294025
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