IBNA- For the first time, the children book 'Wolf Story' by William Lee McCleery was ‎printed in Persian to be available for Iranian children.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the children story which is suitable for 11 year-olds and above has been translated into Persian by Shahnaz Sa'eli and published by the press department of Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (CIDCY) in 7500 copies. The copyright of the book was bought by CIDCY from the Wylie Agency (UK) LTD. 
First published in 1947 and wonderfully illustrated by Warren Chappell, William McCleery's ‘Wolf Story’ is a delicious treat for fathers and sons and daughters and mothers alike.
This irresistible book is about- a father; his five-year-old son, Michael (intelligent, crafty, addicted to stories); Michael's best friend Stefan (stalwart listener, equally addicted to stories); and, well-what else?-a story.
Oh, and a wolf. It is (it's what Michael always demands) a Wolf Story, which begins one night at bedtime and spins wildly on through subsequent bedtimes and Sunday outings to the beach and park in a succession of ever more trickily tantalizing episodes. Waldo the wolf is sneaking up on Rainbow the hen, when Jimmy Tractorwheel, the son of the local farmer, comes along.
After that, there's no knowing what will happen next, as while stalled in traffic jams or nodding off at night, the boys chime in and the story races on and Waldo finds if not necessarily dinner, his just desserts.
Story Code : 288740
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