IBNA- The book ‘Disheveled and Dusty’, an interpretation on the eventful day of Ashura ‎‎(Muharram 10), addressed by the 8th Shi'ite Imam Reza (AS) to one of his companions ‎Rian Ibn Shobaib has been published.‎
Imam Reza’s account of Ashura published
According to IBNA correspondent, the narration addressed by Imam Reza (AS) to his companion Rian Ibn Shobaib has been interpreted by Seyyed Mohammad-Ali Fattahzadeh in the book ‘Disheveled and Dusty’ which has been released by Ketabestan-e Ma’refat Publishing.
For Muslims and Shi’ite in particular, Ashura (Muharram 10) is the remembrance of the uprising of the third Shi’ite Imam, Hossein Ibn Ali (AS) as well as his companions and allies who fought bravely for his cause, resistance against the tyranny Of the then Caliph of Umayyad, Yazid Ibn Moawiyah and were all martyred.
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