IBNA- The book, ‘Experiment from the View of Avicenna and Contemporary ‎Philosophers’, authored by Iranian expert Gohodratollah Ghorbani has been printed.‎
Book compares Avicenna’s view on science philosophy with contemporary ‎philosophers
According to IBNA correspondent, the significance of ‘Experiment from the View of Avicenna and Contemporary Philosophers’ is that tries to show the possibility of the philosophy of science from the view of Islamic philosophy and Peripatetic (Mashaei) philosophy in particular.

The work tries to consider the significance of experiment and induction in articulating the principles of science and elaborate on the ideas of Avicenna the legendary Iranian polymath and compared them with the important trends of contemporary philosophers of science including positivists such as Karl Popper and Willard Van Orman Quine.

In his introduction, the author explains that that at the first look the philosophy of science seems to be a Western phenomenon belonging to contemporary times, but the discipline can be traced both in the work of philosophers of ancient Greece particularly plateau and Aristotle as well as Muslim philosophers.

‘Experiment from the View of Avicenna and Contemporary Philosophers’ has been published in 383 pages and 300 copies by the Contemporary Science and Thought Institute Publishing.
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