IBNA- Pouran Shariat Razavi, the wife of well-known Iranian sociologist and ‎revolutionary Ali Shariati who compiled books on the life and ideas of her husband died ‎in Tehran. She was 84.‎
The late Pouran Shariat Razavi
The late Pouran Shariat Razavi
According to IBNA correspondent, Shariat Razavi who had a stroke on Monday died yesterday evening. Her son, philosophy researcher Ehsan Shariati announced the news in his weblog.

Herself an author, Shariat Razavi was born in 1934 in the religious Iranian city of Mashhad where she later studied Persian literature. Shariat Razavi was also a graduate from Sorbonne University in 1963 with a PhD degree in Persian literature. She married Ali Shariati in 1958.

Her books include: ‘An Outline of a Life: Volume 1: Biography’, ‘An Outline of a Life: Volume 2: Reviews and Views’ and ‘Everlasting Relics’. Shariat Razavi is the founder of Ali Shariati Foundation where compiles and publishes the ontology of her late husband.

She was also the sister of Mahdi Shariat Razavi, one of the three students who were martyred on the eventful day of December 7, 1953, by forces of the former Iranian monarchy regime of Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi. She will be laid to rest next to his brother in Emamzadeh Abdollah of Shahr-e Ray.

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