IBNA- At the opening ceremony of the 21st Press and Media Exhibition held in Tehran, Culture Minister Ali Jannati said that considering media diplomacy is one of the measures taken by the new administration.
Jannati: Media are the main instrument for cultural diplomacy
According to IBNA correspondent, the 21st Press and Media Exhibition kicked off today with President Hassan Rouhani, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati, Hossein Entezami, Deputy Culture Minister and the representatives of the media, news agencies and publications.
In this event, Jannati said: “Due to the policies announced on the media, new measures have been taken in the new administration in this respect among which creating a tranquil environment for the media and publications can be mentioned. As we believe in the freedom of the press in the framework of [the Islamic Republic] law, we feel committed to avoid personal taste and threatening actions in respect to the media.”
The Culture Minister added that the media is considered one of the main tools of cultural diplomacy.
He expressed strong support for the private sector publications by the new administration regarding the press and said: “Government is not in rivalry with the private sector, and has cut the subsidies of the state sponsored media in favor of assistance to the private sector.”
Among other measures taken by the new administration, the Minister of Culture pointed to a more facile response to the requests for obtaining permission for launching journals and said: “In the past, it took about 5 years to consider the press requests, but now the time is reduced to 5 months and the Ministry of Culture tries to further reduce it to three months.”
the 21st Press and Media Exhibition will be running by November 13, 2015, at Imam Khomeini’s Mosalla, hosting those interested in the Iranian media and press.
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