IBNA- In the meeting of ‘Editing Translated Texts on Humanities’, a sociology lecturer at Tehran University Nayyereh Tavakoli said that Translation is transferring a culture to another and not simply change of the words.
Transferring culture to culture is not simply translating words
According to IBNA correspondent, She also remarked that a translator must be well-informed in all areas and not only in a particular field, as for example a translator who had a doctorate in psychology from an American university misnamed the title of ‘The Cherry Orchard’ in a psychology book where this work of Chekhov was mentioned.”

Tavakoli who is also a translator and editor, said: “To me, translation is not merely restricted to changing words into another language and observing the grammatical rules; it is a culture to culture transfer. To make it clear I refer to the word ‘snow’ in Eskimo culture which reflects the most significant concept in their life. They have the equivalent of some twenty words including ‘snowing’, ‘settled snow’, ‘dancing snow’, ‘snow ball’, ‘deep snow’ and other concepts as such.”

She referred to the difference between the texts on humanities and other texts which reflect the concept of culture and said: “Texts related to humanities are more culture-oriented than those on pure sciences. This is because they basically revolve around the topics of culture, history, literature, psychology, society and social institutions as well as all which involve human restrictions and the material and spiritual culture of man.”
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