Arman Tiran's book on Augusto Boal and Joker system is just published by Afraz Publications as the first Iranian research on this subject. Accordingly we had a short interview with the author of this volume.
Interview with author of Augusto Boal and Joker System
IBNA: Augusto Boal (16 March 1931 - 2 May 2009) was a Brazilian theatre director, writer and politician. He was the founder of Theatre of the Oppressed, a theatrical form originally used in radical popular education movements. Boal sought a theatrical technique by which the spectator could join in the performance. Known as the Theater of the Oppressed, this theatrical method is distinct as its ultimate goal is to draw common people to the stage.

Arman Tiran's book 'On Augusto Boal and Joker System' is published in 144 pages by Afraz Publications. As the title suggests, the book introduces Boal's concept of Joker System. Tiran is professor of theater as Islamic Azad university of Shiraz and writer of a number of plays.

How long did it take to complete this book?

The book resulted from my MA Thesis at Tarbiat Modares University. Its revision for publication took three years and it is edited by Mr Salahi.

What is your approach to the analysis of Augusto Boal's system?

The book attempts to redefine the relationship between theater spectators and audiences with the performance world as they try to come up with an iconic reading of communal theater. This idea is redeveloped in Augusto Boal's Joker System.

What is your research going to offer to contemporary Iranian theater? What gaps is it going to address?

Theater in Iran is sometimes popular and sometimes it undergoes recess. All in all it should be said that it is far behind the findings of the world theater and the problems double in case of the philosophy of theater and interlelctual interaction. In this research I have tried to introduce some new findings in this field, although they are not really new. Boal established the system in 1970 and we have just discovered it here.

The Internet has been one of the main sources of your research. How authentic these sources are for academic references?

Since the book began as a thesis paper and required photos, tables and charts, I had to make use of these sources. There are many online articles and texts on this subject and their authenticity are proved by some professors. Anyway, I had to inform the reader of all my sources in any forms.

How do you find theatrical publications?

Really good compilations have been published in the last decade, yet they are still rare and regarding global development speed and new performance methods, we have not produced enough books. We need much more publications and this is only achieved through acquaintance with latest achievements in the world.
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