IBNA- The representative of Dar al-Wilayah Institute said that compared ‎to the previous year, the people showed more attention to the ‎international section of the 34th Tehran Book Fair (TIBF) had significantly ‎increased and improved.‎
International section of Tehran Book Fair welcomed by people
Speaking to IBNA, Mohammad Poursari, the representative of Dar al-Wilayah Institute explained that this institute is a publishing entity affiliated to the Arab Shias and operates in Qom. The main focus of this institution is translating religious, political, economic, and other subjects into Arabic. The purpose of publishing these books is to promote Islamic thought among Shia Muslims communities in Iran and Saudi Arabia.
He said that in the 34th Tehran Book Fair, Dar al-Wilayah Institute presented over 40 books, all of which were Persian works translated into Arabic. The majority of these 40 books focused on the intellectual ideas of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution. Alongside these topics, there were other books on political and economic issues offered in the stand, all of which received a good reception, especially from those interested in learning Arabic, as they had a great interest in the books available in this section.
He added that overall, the cultural climate of the book fair was fine, and there was a widespread interest to the international section, partly due to the place of the stands in a more accessible area. As a result, the attendance of people in the international section during this edition of the book fair was great.

With the motto, "The future is readable", the 34th Tehran International Book Fair ‎‎opened on May 10 ‎and ran until May 20. Tajikistan was the guest of honor in this ‎edition ‎of the TIBF. The fair was held both by physical presence in Mosalla (Grand Prayer ‎‎Ground) of Imam Khomeini, ‎and virtually on https://ketab.ir.

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