IBNA- As a Turkish participant at the 34th Tehran International Book Fair ‎‎(TIBF), the representative of Usturlab Publishing said that Iranian people's ‎interest in books and reading is unmatched compared to other similar ‎events. ‎
Iranian people
Feiza Ilyahan the representative of Usturlab Publishing in Turkey told IBNA: “I have rarely seen anything like it elsewhere. That was the first experience of our publishing house, and the Iranian people's interest particularly in Turkish books, is amazing.”
"In this fair, Usturlab Publishing has presented 9 books, 3 card games, and 4 activity programs for children. These children's games are a collection of entertaining products that combine science, nature, art, and fun, and they have various names. These games have been designed and produced for the most popular children's channel in Turkey, and as a result, all of these products are in Istanbul Turkish language," she stated.
“These books cover various topics such as space and universe, science, nature, agriculture, philosophy, art, picture books, anatomy books, and others, all targeting children as their audience. Some of them are directly intended for children, while others are written for children’s educators in schools to ultimately be used for teaching children. All of these books are in Istanbul Turkish language, and the aim of authoring these books is to promote science awareness among children,” Feiza Ilyahan said.
“At Usturlab, we create joy and empower our readers, who are mostly children, with engaging and entertaining content. The main idea behind our publishing house is to allow people, especially children, to develop a habit of reading books and gain awareness about the world they live in. Encouraging the new generations to turn away from screens and explore the world around them, such as counting stars, is truly important,” she pointed out.
She went on to say: “The interest of the people to this exhibition was extraordinary, and a large crowd visited the exhibition and the international section every day. Our publishing house has participated in many international book fairs such as Italy, but compared to this exhibition, it can be said that the Tehran International Book Fair is an exceptional event that has no equal in terms of size, the number of publishers and publications, the space, and the visitors' reception. One of the highlights of this exhibition was the strong connections established among publishers from different sectors and countries, which led to excellent collaborations with some publishers.”
“As a publisher, I must say that organizing cultural events like this can greatly contribute to building a bond between Iran and Turkey. For example, prior to participating in this fair, I had no idea about the cultural activities in the book industry of Iran. However, since I saw the TIBF’s space and interacted with many individuals, visitors, and publishers, I became interested in collaborating with Iranian publishers."

"Particularly considering the close cultural proximity between Turkey and Iran due to their geographical proximity and neighboring status, and their shared interests in many areas, the cultural connection between these two countries can yield very positive results. Therefore, I believe that the future of the relationship between these two countries is promising, and it is better to have more events like this exhibition,” the representative of Usturlab Publishing added.
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