IBNA- Having attended Tehran International Book Fair in several years, ‎the representative of Turkish Kewser Publications said that in the 34th ‎edition of the fair, many visitors who showed their interest to Turkey’s ‎culture and people. ‎
TIBF visitors manifested great interest in Turkey’s culture and ‎people
Speaking to IBNA, Mehdi Bairadal, the representative of Kewser Publications "We have presented over 250 books in this fair, all of which are religious and fall within the domain of Shia history, the lives of the infallible Imams, jurisprudence, and Shia beliefs. Additionally, there are various novels displayed in our stand, most of which focus on the topic of the Sacred Defense." He further mentioned that the target audience for these books are both adults and children, and all of these books are in the Istanbul Turkish language. Many individuals who are learning Istanbul Turkish showed a great interest to our booth.”
"Kewser Publications attends this exhibition every year and observes that the number of visitors increases from year to year. There are many Iranian people who visited our stand and, in addition to exploring the books, ask about the culture of the Turkish people. This means that our countries can follow a good cultural interaction because Iranian and Turkish cultures are closely related, and both countries are interested in knowing each other through cultures," he pointed out.
"Organizing cultural events such as book fairs not only improves the relations between Iran and Turkey but has an impact on all countries in the Middle East that have commonalities. Books and media are two options through which individuals can familiarize themselves with the culture and people of a country. That is why books may have a significant influence," Mr. Bairadal added.
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