IBNA- A representative of the the Hoze publishing from Iraq said Tehran ‎International Book Fair (TIBF) is a great opportunity for people to get ‎acquainted with the cultures of different countries.‎
Tehran Book Fair introduces cultures of different countries
Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi told IBNA: "The Hoze publishing has brought 173 books and 2 magazines named 'Hawza' and 'Hoda' to this book fair. These books cover religious, political, and the Sacred Defense [Iran-Iraq War] themes, among others. The purpose of bringing these books to the 44th Tehran International Book Fair is to promote Islamic culture among the people and enhance their familiarity with the Arabic language and Islamic thought."
"This is the first time that our publishing is attending such a fair, and by participating in this event, we have realized that Iran has good relations with the countries in the Middle east, and organizing such a fair greatly contributes to the expansion of these relationships. Different stands can establish ties and collaborate in the field of culture," he said.
"I would like to express my gratitude to the dear Islamic Republic of Iran for providing us with this opportunity. Furthermore, I believe that the Iranian people's reception of the book fair is very good, but in my opinion, people who are inclined towards culture and literature in Iran should show more interest in Arabic-language books.”
“For this reason, I believe it would be better to hold more events like this between Iran and Iraq, so that people from both countries can become more familiar with Islamic culture in a proper manner and, in turn, learn the Arabic language as the language of the Quran," Hashemi added.
With the motto, "The future is readable", the 34th Tehran International Book Fair ‎‎opened on May 10 ‎and ran until May 20. Tajikistan was the guest of honor in this ‎edition ‎of the TIBF. The fair was held both by physical presence in Mosalla (Grand Prayer ‎‎Ground) of Imam Khomeini, ‎and virtually on https://ketab.ir.
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