IBNA- Head of the Yemeni Student Association in Iran said during the 34th ‎Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) visitors welcomed Yemen’s stand in ‎the event whose cultural climate was extremely good and positive.‎
People welcomed Yemen’s stand at 34th Tehran Int’l Book Fair
Ahmed Al-Janein, the head of the Yemeni Student Association in Iran, told IBNA: “The warm and literature interested people of Iran show a great interest in Yemen's culture and people, asking numerous questions about it. We didn't expect such a reception from the people. That's why we made an effort to answer their questions accurately and thoroughly."
"In this fair, we introduced twenty-three titles of books covering topics related to religious, political, and literary subjects. Additionally, we presented brochures about anthropology and Yemeni identity, allowing visitors to make themselves familiar with Yemen and the concept of anthropology even within our stand," he said.
"All the books we showcased at the Tehran International Book Fair were collected by our association because due to the ongoing war and the prevailing conditions in Yemen, it was not possible to bring books or invite publishers," the head of the Yemeni Student Association stated.
"Yemeni intellectuals have a strong desire to establish cultural and literary ties with Iran because the Iranian people are known for their knowledge, literature, and love for reading. Through literary works, we can effectively introduce the cultures of our two countries to each other. Certainly, through cultural programs, we can have a productive cultural interaction with Iran and introduce the culture, customs, and traditions of our respective nations to each other," Al-Janein added.
With the motto, "The future is readable", the 34th Tehran International Book Fair ‎‎opened on May 10 ‎and ran until May 20. Tajikistan was the guest of honor in this ‎edition ‎of the TIBF. The fair was held both by physical presence in Mosalla (Grand Prayer ‎‎Ground) of Imam Khomeini, ‎and virtually on https://ketab.ir.
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