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Books on Islam and Iranian studies introduced at TIBF

24 May 2023 - 20:34

IBNA- A representative of Sadra Publications in Moscow said that they ‎introduced over 100 titles of books on Islam and Iranian studies at the 34th ‎Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF).‎

Amir Montaserf, the representative of Sadra Publications in Moscow, told IBNA: "All the books introduced by our publishing house at the 34th TI‌BF have been published in Russia and are in the Russian language. These books are centered on Islamic and Iranian studies."
"Sadra Publications is affiliated to the Foundation of Islamic Studies, which is tasked with publishing and introducing the works of the foundation in Russia. So far, we have been able to publish over 300 books on contemporary Islamic studies and Iranian studies. The audiences of these books are adults, youth, teens, as well as children,” he said.  
“Among these are books that are translations of Iranian works, such as the stories of Houshang Moradi Kermani, which have been published in Russian. Books on the Iran-Iraq War (The Sacred Defense) and books on Eastern philosophy were also among the subjects presented by Sadra Publications at the TIBF, all of which are in the Russian language,” Montaserf pointed out.
He went on to say: "Sadra Publications participated in the previous edition of the book fair as well, and in comparison to this edition, it can be said that the 34th TIBF has better space and received a more favorable reception in terms of attendance."
"The cultural interaction between Iran and Russia is progressing, and the governments of both countries are making great efforts for this interaction. He mentioned that although Iran and Russia have significant cultural differences, they also have shared interests. ‌But at the same time by focusing on these commonalities, can strengthen ties between the two countries,” the representative of Sadra Publications added.
With the motto, "The future is readable", the 34th Tehran International Book Fair ‎‎opened on May 10 ‎and ran until May 20. Tajikistan was the guest of honor in this ‎edition ‎of the TIBF. The fair was held both by physical presence in Mosalla (Grand Prayer ‎‎Ground) of Imam Khomeini, ‎and virtually on https://ketab.ir.

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