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Chinese Embassy Counselor visits Tehran Book Fair ‎

21 May 2023 - 13:52

IBNA- On the last day of the 34th Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF), the counselor ‎of the Chinese Embassy in Iran visited the event saying that it provides a ground for ‎expanding cultural ties. ‎

According to the news headquarters of the 34th TIBF, Guikoi (GUO), Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Iran said: “Tehran International Book Fair provides a great opportunity for cultural interaction between countries, and I wonder why China did not participate in the fair this year.”
“Last time I came to the Tehran Book Fair was twenty years ago, and now, after twenty years, I am happy that I had the opportunity to attend again,” he pointed out.
Referring to his country’s absence in the fair, the Chinese official went on to say: “In my return to China, I will certainly follow up on this matter and we will participate at TIBF in the coming years.”
With the motto, "The future is readable", the 34th Tehran International Book Fair ‎opened on May 10 ‎and ran until May 20. Tajikistan was the guest of honor in this ‎edition of the TIBF. The fair was held both by physical presence in Mosalla (Grand Prayer ‎Ground) of Imam Khomeini, ‎and virtually on https://ketab.ir .‎

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