IBNA- A music album has been produced based on visual elements in the poems by ‎Iranian celebrated poet Shams Langaroodi and his voice. ‎ ‎ ‎
Music album composed based on Shams Langaroodi
In an interview with IBNA, composer and conductor Mahdi Vojdani who has written music for the album said: "In terms of ‎imagery, poems by Mr. Shams Langaroodi resemble a feature film, for this reason, I thought to myself that I'm making a soundtrack based on his poems."‎
Vojdani explained about the upcoming album: "In the music part of this work, which has been produced on the order of Jiin Studio, I was looking for something which was not repetitive, since this style of ‎work (music combined with poem recitation) had been earlier performed by Maestro Ahmad Shamloo and others."
 "So, I imagined that I'm working on a movie or a "sequence-length shot" of a film. I tried to get closer to the underlying texture of Mr. Langaroodi's poetry, voice, and tone. I finally ended up with a collection consisting of ‎string instruments and orchestra, including violins, alto violins, cellos, and double bass, ‎which can provide the ground for an engaging start," he added.
The composer further explained about the instruments that have been mostly employed in this work and the ‎significance of Langroudi's voice: "In the next stage, I had to think ‎that our instruments should have a character. In order to objectify the idea, it occurred to me that I should use wind instruments such as flute and oboe. I also added a classical guitar to ‎make the work feel more romantic, push it away from the orchestral mood to make it look a bit modern and to manifest a social aspect."
Vojdani went on to say: "When I was writing music for the work, I felt that a new window is ‎opening to the world and the turning point of our music as well as its point of influence should be ‎right here. Up until this moment, the orchestra is fully accompanying, wooden wind instruments ‎and string instruments are totally accompanying and convey the ups and downs. ‎I have tried not to highlight the music at all, and it is completely at the service of  image and ‎poetry. But when Mr. Langaroodi recites: 'It's not easy', the music begins to create a color ‎color and tells the listener that life is going on." ‎
Born in 1950 in Langarood or Langerood, Mohammad Shams Langaroodi is also an author and university lecturer. He has researched extensively on different periods of Persian poetry, most famous of which has resulted in ‘An Analytic History of Persian Modern Poetry’ in four volumes. He is currently in the process of publishing his second novel.
Published in 1998 in four volumes, ‘An Analytic History of Persian Modern Poetry’ was the first wide-ranging research work done on the contemporary Persian poetry. It starts from 1905 and goes year by year describing the events in Iran's political and social scenes, poetry and conditions of criticism, literary magazines and poetry books published each year along with selected reviews including a brief review by the author up until 1979.
Among his poetry books are ‘Notes For A Wooden Nightingle’ (2000); “Fifty Three Love Songs (2004); ‘Gardener of Hell (2006); ‘Sailor of the Streets’ (2008).
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