IBNA- The celebrated Swiss writer Peter Stamm attended the 29th Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) on its fourth day and said the writer is tasked with creating new worlds in the realm of literature not giving advice.
Stamm tasked with creating a new world in literature
According to IBNA correspondent, the fourth day of the 29th Tehran International Book Fair hosted Peter Stamm, a prominent figure in the contemporary Swiss literature who with his novel ‘Agnes’ made a reputation in Iran. It’s the second time that he attends TIBF, the first visit came in 2006. As well as ‘Agnes’, three of his other works have also been translated into Persian.
“I remember that in comparison with my first visit to Tehran Book Fair, the location for holding this event has been designed more efficiently and is more expanded. I feel a friendly environment here,” he told IBNA.
“Iran is a large country with a large population. Obviously, I don’t know about the figures of reading and readership in your country, but during my encounters with the Iranian whom I met in different meetings and ceremonies, I realized that people in Iran read the books with a special enthusiasm and books really mean to them,” Stamm remarked.
On his acquaintance with the Iranian literature and writers, he said: “when I was younger, I had much time to read, but currently I’m so busy. However I know a number of Iranian authors such as Mahmoud Dolatabadi and Amir Hossein Cheheltan and I have read their works.”
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