The fifth edition of the international Conference on Mahdism Doctrine warped up Tuesday, August 04, 2009 in which many Mahdism scholars and authors were present. The President was scheduled to deliver the opening speech of the session; however, he did not make it to the ceremony.
5th Conference of Mahdism Doctrine concludes
IBNA: Select articles of the conference will be published in the form of a book in four volumes.

In the closing ceremony, which was held in the permanent grounds of Iran's Summit Hall, a number of government officials, representatives of religious authorities, and university and seminary elites were present.

The articles submitted to the conference were arranged to cover its theme "Society and Groundbreaker Government, Missions, and Strategies".

Eminent figures like Prof. Mowlana, Sayyid Masoud pour Sayyid Aghaei (manager of Bright Future institute and organizer of the conference), and Mahdi Mostafavi (head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization) took part in the ceremony.

In his opening speech, Masoud Sayyid Aghaei revered Imam Mahdi as Shias' twelfth Imam and the Redeemer that the world awaits his leadership. He observed the main objectives of the conference as carrying out Mahdism plans in the Islamic society.

"The Earth looks forward to receiving heavenly bonds. Mahdi (AS) is the only one who can establish these bonds," he said. "Imam Mahdi is the representation of Allah's beautiful appellations on earth."

He expounded on the submitted articles to the conference and said the select ones will be published in a four-volume research book. He later stated that Muslims are required to prepare themselves for the revelation era and their prime responsibility entails their full awareness of the means that facilitate the revelation.

He went on to cite some other objectives that the conference pursued including political, cultural, social, security and economic impacts of Mahdism on the society. He stressed the fact that in order to tackle all these aspects, a think tank is required to be established in variant organizations and institutions of the society.

According to Aghaei, more than 400 Persian and foreigner articles were submitted to the secretariat of the conference. Of the four books that will be published as collection of articles, one will present foreign articles in two languages of English and Arabic.

After Aghaei, Mohyedin Haeri Shirazi delivered a speech in which he gave the definition of real waiters of Imam Mahdi. After him, the authors of the select works were honored.

Gholamreza Goudarzi, Nasrolah Ayati, Javad Jafari, Alireza Sadra and Mrs. Moeinoleslam were lauded for their works and each received a certificate of honor.

Also from the foreign authors, Elizabeth Yunice from Argentina, Miaz Mahdi Yunice from Sweeten, Mohammas Abdolavi from Al-jazira and Mansour Limba from the Philippines were honored.
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