IBNA- At a session held for considering the book ‘A Social History of Iranian Cinema’ by Hamid Nafisi, translated into Persian by Mohammad Shahba, the experts said that this book calls for cineastes, the knowledgeable, active readers.
‘A Social History of Iranian Cinema’ calls for cineastes
According to IBNA correspondent, this meeting was held in Iran's House of Literati (Sara-ye Ahl-e Qalam) and was attended by Mohammad Shahba (PhD) translator and university instructor; Mohammad Tahaminejad, an author and researcher of the Iranian cinema and Parviz Ejlali (PhD), sociologist and university instructor.
In this event Tahaminejad said: “I wished and I still do that I could one day face a text that analyzed the theoretical system of the social history of Iranian cinema apart from its dependence on the Persian culture in the same geographic, cultural and academic limits, in detail.”
“During last years, in the field of cinema, ‘Film International’ journal (an Iranian film quarterly published in English) have translated several articles from Persian to English for the international audience. Of course, due to the special attention paid to the Iranian cinema by Iranian students living abroad, due to its significance the Iranian has attracted the attention of many experts and people,” he stated.
 “There are books in French and English which unfortunately have not been well presented in Iran such as the book ‘The History of Cinema’ written in French by Mohammad Haqiqat. I also noticed a book on the history of Iranian cinema in German,” Tahaminejad added.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Tahaminejad referred to the Persian translation of ‘A Social History of Iranian Cinema: Volume 1: The Artisanal Era, 1897-1941’ published in 2011 and said: “Although its subject is not simple, this work has been eloquently translated into Persian and I enjoyed reading historical, analytical and critical discussions raised in the book.”
“I also acknowledge the considerate efforts made by Shahba in translation and Minouy-e Kherad Publications in producing the Persian language version of this valuable book,” he noted.
The author of ‘A Social History of Iranian Cinema’ Hamid Naficy, an Iranian residing in the United States is a scholar of cultural studies and post-colonial Cinema. The original English book has been published by Durham: Duke University Press.
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