IBNA- The unveiling ceremony of the five-volume series ‘History of Persian Book Publishing, from Its Beginning to the revolution”, written by Farid Moradi was held on Saturday, May 30, 2015, at Iran’s House of Literati.
Five-volume series of ‘History of Persian Book Publishing’ unveiled
According to IBNA correspondent, the ceremony was attended by CEO of Iran’s Book House Majid Gholami Jaliseh and Director of the Book Research Center Seyyed Farid Qassemi.
The five-volume series ‘History of Persian Book Publishing’ takes a detailed look at the 200 year history of publishing Persian books in Iran and attempts to shed light on the hidden part of this industry.
In this event, Qassemi, a book research scholar divided the process of publishing books into three categories of spontaneous, ordered and commanded to be produced [based on uncultured motive]. He said: “The spontaneous book is the one that is self-inspired as the concerned author writes about what gets into his mind. Then he goes to a publisher in the midst of his work or after he finishes it.”
 “The second type is the ordered book. The creative publisher and the research centers order a book to a creative writer and the work is done by order. Spontaneous and ordered books are good, but the third type which is commanded to be produced is not,” Qassemi suggested.
He went on saying: “Some of our friends are not careful enough in applying words and copy others without rationally filtering them. Ordered work is not bad, as all affairs are based on order, even when we go to bakery we order the bread we want. In fact, all what goes on in the world is based on order. Some say that we do not do ordered work; they must say we do not follow commands for producing books based on uncultured motives, instead.
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