IBNA- This week’s guest of Ayandeh Bookstore weekly programs being held on Thursdays was the eminent Iranian theaterician Pari Saberi who said: “Stage is always there”.
Pari Saberi: From childhood to seven cities of love
According to IBNA correspondent, Pari Saberi, playwright and theater director, was the guest of the 11th Ayandeh Bookstore weekly programs. She is a lady who knows the sanctity of stage and has depicted it in her books.
Wearing a scarf matching her clothes, she sat on the Guest Chair and talked in a friendly manner:
“Theater is my profession and art is a part of my life. I travelled to France at 12 by chance or due to my family’s wish. I was crying hard on departure and had a special image of Paris in my mind. My friends, though, were happy to see me go to France. When I arrived in Paris, the sky was heavily cloudy and looked gloomy. In time, I discovered the beauty of Paris and her artistic world was the best gift I had ever received,” she said.
Facing a garden with springtime weather, Saberi added: “My artistic character was formed in Paris and I gradually fell in love with this city and learned to acquaint my eyes with its beauties. My father wished me to study medicine, but art is an adventure for which I lived and spent for. This, of course, is what all artists do, and go on living solely for their love.”
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