The Encyclopedia of the holy Quran is a 100% analytical and intellectual work which is incomparable to any other such works even done on the book, said supervisor of the Persian rendition of the work.
Encyclopedia of Quran 100% Analytical
IBNA: Reading every volume of the series gives readers a comparative understanding of Quranic and Biblical topics, said Content Supervisor of the Encyclopedia of the Holy Quran Majid Ma'aref, addressing a specialized session on Monday, March 10, 2014 at Tehran University. 

Dr. Ma'aref asserted that the target of studies by orientalists can be categorized into three major approaches: religious and evangelistic , political and colonialistic, and scientific and research based. 

"Research works on the holy Quran by westerners began in a bid to present material against Islam and Muslims which would persuade readers that Christianity is better than Islam. Such an approach would suit priests and Jews," said Ma'aref. 

As he said, later on European researchers tried to view Quran as a political means and deface its holiness; however, in the 21st century pure research-based studies were conducted which should be interpreted as realization of the fact that research on the holy Quran cannot proceed with political approaches. 

Elsewhere in his address, Ma'aref, a member of the scientific board of the theology faculty of Tehran University, went on to say that works on translation of articles by Orientalists began some 15 years ago into Persian at Almahdi Research Center in Qom. 

Later in the gathering, chief editor of the Encyclopedia of the Holy Quran Hussein Khandagh Abadi delivered a speech in which he said 17 volumes of the encyclopedia have already been released with its work beginning prior to the victory of the Islamic Revolution. 

The series serves as a resource for students and researchers to learn about studies on Islam and the holy Quran in the world. 

He said this is the greatest work ever done about the holy Quran with contributions from a wide range of Quranic researchers from around the world. 

The latest research methods used in greatest encyclopedias have been adopted in the series which is one of the key features of the work. 

The series also entails detailed archeological and historiographical scrutiny of Quranic places for the first time. 

All articles and entries of the series have been written impartially without any bias and are based on western research works on the book of Quran. 

Contributors of the articles have also tried to consider Shia-Sunni differences of views in their writings.
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