A pronounced Iranian professor believes that for Iranian works to get international recognition, a scientific initiative is required.
Scientific Cause Needed for Globalization of Iranian Works: Prof. Samii
IBNA: Renowned Professor Majid Samii said most of the books penned by Iranian authors are being kept in European libraries.

Speaking with IBNA on the sidelines of the 27th Kharazmi International Award (KIA), Samii said books by Iranian scholars, being kept in European libraries, are available to students of the related subjects who refer to them for completion of their studies.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani along with the country’s several officials attended the awarding gala held in the capital city of Tehran on Sunday.

Majid Samii received the first award of the KIA for his lifetime achievements in the field of neurosurgery.

The world recognized Iranian neurologist called on all Iranians to learn the basics of making scientific efforts; in other words, he added, everything should be based on science and for every scientific research project the history of the research should be first sifted from its literature.

“A country can be among the first ten great economies only when it is among the first ten countries in science,” said Samii. “The Ministry of Science should play the most pivotal role in every country. Instead of being obsessed with leaving the country, every researcher must ask themselves what I should do and how I can help. It is only when one can display their true research capabilities. Festivals like this help the youth to make greater efforts.”

A native of Tehran, Majid Samii was born in 1937. He finished his elementary school before leaving for Germany to become a distinguished and celebrated Iranian neurologist in the country.

Samii has won almost all the possible awards he came up to, during his scientific life like being winning an award for the best Iranian student studying in foreign universities and getting the highest scores possible in his academic education in Mainz University in Germany. He founded the International Neuroscience Institute(in Deutsch) in Hannover and also received the first degree medal of service from the president of West Germany in 1988.

He has so far written more than 500 scientific articles and authored 17 reference books on neurology.

Some of his books are:
‘Surgery of the Skull Base: An Interdisciplinary Approach’
‘Approaches to the Clivus: Approaches to No Man\'s Land’
‘Surgery of Skull Base Meningiomas: With a Chapter on Pathology by G. F. Walter’
‘Pneumenzephalo-Tomog... Das normale und pathologische Rontgenschichtbild der intrakraniellen Liquorraume’
‘Samiis\'s Essentials in Neurosurgery’ is his last book so far which was released in 2008 by Springer Publications.
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