Iran's former ambassador to Denmark maintains that formation of relations between Iran and Denmark sparked a new translation wave in the history of the two countries since the Crusades.
Iran-Denmark Ties Spurred New Translation Wave: Ex-Envoy
IBNA: Addressing a seminar held in Tehran to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the beginning of official relations between Iran and Denmark, Morteza Daman Pak Jami delivered a speech about the impact of the historical and social relations between the two countries on their current interactions.

In his address he asserted that the ties between Tehran and Copenhagen can be traced to over a 1000 years ago, however after the first World War a new chapter started in the relations between them. 

He underlined that the storage of over 4000 old coins belonging to the Sassanid era in Denmark is an indication of deep commercial and financial relations between the two nations over the past centuries. 

He went on to say that prior to the Crusades, commerce was the major drive for both sides to maintain relations, however with the outbreak of the war between Muslims and Christians, a translation campaign formed the ties between Iran and Denmark. During the era, many books in astronomy, medicine, philosophy and other disciplines by Iranian scientists were translated into European languages, and as an example Avicenna's books were accessed in Denmark and were put as the basis of medicine in that country like many other European countries that found his books exceptional. 

The former Iranian diplomat also underlined efforts by Iran and Denmark to enhance ties, and said the relations between the two nations have been fraught with ups and downs and architecture and literature in both of these countries were chiefly affected by their relations. 

Also in the seminar, Mr. Anders Hougård, Danish ambassador to Tehran, reviewed the political interactions between Iran and Denmark, and posited that the relations between the two countries can be much deeper provided that non-government organizations like Iran's Human Rights Institute, Foreign Ministry Research Center of Iran, and Iranian universities assisted by their Danish counterparts make efforts in this regard. 

He also highlighted cooperation between Iran and Denmark to fight Somali Pirates in recent months, and said mentioned the large number of Iranian and Danish nationals living in each others' countries. 

However, he said Denmark is to a large extent dependent and affected by the EU policies towards Iran, and asserted that normalization of Iran's relations with the European Union would make things better for the relations between Iran and Denmark.
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