A senior cultural official from Iran, Abbas Salehi, believes that the private sector should be prompted to bolster cultural, publication and print industry relations between Tehran and Kabul.
Private Sector Should be Responsible for Publication Ties with Afghanistan

IBNA: Addressing a conference in Kabul, Seyyed Abbas Salehi, Cultural Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, said the private sector should be asked to take the drive in cultural relations between the two countries.

A meeting was held in Kabul between an Iranian print and publication delegation and members of the Afghan publication union. Seyyed Abbas Salehi, Mosadegh Khalili, Deputy Culture Minister of Afghanistan and a number of Iranian and Afghan publishers also attended the meeting.

In his address, Salehi underlined the historical background of the relations between Iran and Afghanistan, and said, “The relations between the two nations goes beyond historical accounts; for instance Roudabeh, Rostam’s mother, was from Kabul. We have a lot of common grounds and enjoy the same historical background in a way that it seems we have the same history. I felt like a native of Ghazni when I visited the city. We both speak and write in Persian and can communicate easily.”

He further named some of the common cultural icons in Iran and Afghanistan, naming Hafez and Saadi as two revered figures by the two nations. He also mentioned Kelileh and Demneh as a work honored by both of the countries.

Speaking of customs and costumes, Salehi added that visiting Afghan museums is like seeing Iranian museums; even Afghan traditional wears are very much like those of Iranians and the cuisines are so much the same.

The written works shared by both Iran and Afghanistan are plentiful and those involved with publication of books have many thinks in common to begin deep cooperation projects together, he added.

He also said cultural department of Iran’s Culture Ministry is planning to expand its ties with Persian speaking states and Afghanistan is the first step in this regard.

The senior cultural official also stated that the print and publication industries have fared well in the past three decades and that can be the same in Afghanistan not to mention the vast upheavals in the country in the past decades.

“Today we have a chance to maintain dialogue and practice our ideas,” he added.

For his part, Mosadeq Sediq expressed delight for arrangement of such a meeting in his country.

He said since 2001 major, but slow, steps have been taken in the publication sector of Afghanistan and one of the major examples of the developments is cooperation with Iran.

At the end of the meeting, Salehi handed an exquisite copy of Shahnameh to Mosadeq.

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