An Iranian print-industry and publication delegation, sent to Afghanistan, have held their first meeting with Afghan publishers in Kabul to explore avenues of mutual cooperation in the publication sector.
Iranian-Afghan Publishers Meet in Kabul
IBNA: According to the public relations department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the meeting was held on Saturday, February 22, 2014 shortly after arrival of the Iranian delegation in Afghanistan in the presence of Iran’s Cultural Attaché in Kabul Naser Jahanshahi and other members of the delegation. 

During the meeting, Jahanshahi underlined the vast common grounds in cultural fields between the two Muslim Asian states, and asserted that Afghanistan is a country that enjoys the greatest cultural commonalities with Iran which include Persian as the official language of the two states and publication of Persian works by their authors.

He posited that speaking the same language by the nationals of both countries is a great bonus for both of them in trying to approximate their cultural progress.

The cultural attaché of Iran in Afghanistan further underlined the religious commonalties between the two countries, adding that over 99% of the Afghan population is Muslim which opens up vast potentials for cooperation in religious matters as well.  He underlined the rapid growth of literacy in Afghanistan, and posited that print and publication facilities available in Iran can satisfy the needs of over 8 million Afghan students regarding their studies, and that Iran can play an important part in this regard. 

Also in the meeting, Ajmal Azem, head of the union of Afghan publishers, stated that new potentials have been activated in Afghanistan’s publication industry which is incomparable to the facilities two years ago.

The Afghan union of publishers was established two years ago and has voiced its readiness to take part in the upcoming edition of the Tehran International Book Fair which is due in May 2014. Furthermore, he added, Iran’s cultural attaché in Afghanistan has provided the grounds for the presence of Afghan publishers and exhibitors in Iran’s greatest cultural exhibit. 

“There is not much that we know about Iranian publishers and publication centers,” he said, voicing his country’s eagerness to send publication delegations to Iran to learn about the latter’s vast print and publication potentials.

Some of the participating members of the delegation from Iran also aired their views about the chances and threats of expanding cultural ties in the publication sector with Afghanistan.
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