A senior geography expert at Shahid Beheshti University said Immanuel Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’, which is the basis of the world’s scientific geography, is inspired by Ferdowsi’s magnum opus Shahnameh.
‘Critique of Pure Reason’ Based on Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh: Expert

IBNA: Addressing a ceremony held here in Tehran in reverence to veteran masters of rural studies in Iran, Mohammad Hassan Zia Tavana said he has finished a treatise entitled as ‘The Agricultural Outlook of Sistan from 1880 to 1980’ which was published in Germany.

“Kant founded scientific geography in his ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ which was inspired by Ferdowsi,” he said.

He further called on Iranian thinkers and geography activists to be more appreciative of the riches of Iran’s geography, and said foreigners have always been impressed by its values.

He went on to underlined globalization trends in the world, saying that the whole world is currently moving towards globalization, intensification of time and space.

The veteran geography expert highlighted his experiences in geography and said he has engaged in numerous studies on rural areas, urban areas, cities, regions and politics of cities.

Zia Tavana further respected Sharafodin Khorasani, prominent Iranian philosopher, to whom he felt most indebted for his works, and asserted that many well-known scholars in Iran like Seyyed Hussein Nasr and Abdolkarim Soroush have openly admitted Khorasani’s greatness.

The senior Iranian intellectual mentioned the German philosopher and sociologist Jürgen Habermas to Shiraz, and posited that Iranian nation and thinkers are not aware of the greatness of their land while Will Durant reckons that the east is the cradle of human civilization. 

Elsewhere in his address, Tavana called on everyone to get to read about the ideas of Abu Nasr Farabi, and mentioned Thomas More, who was known in the 15th and 16th centuries for his idealistic ideas, having utilized the thinking and ideas of Abu Nasr Farabi who lived some 500 years before him.

The ceremony was held on Monday to revere veteran masters in rural studies in Iran: Javad Safi Nejad, Mehdi Taleb, Hassan Motiei Langroudi and Mohammamd Hassan Zia Tavana.

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