Cultural Deputy of Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance said a cultural assembly should be formed to address the vast common cultural grounds between Iran and Afghanistan.
Iran Calls for Formation of Tehran-Kabul Cultural Congress
IBNA: The statement was made during the closing ceremony of the 1st Balkh Book Festival which was held here in Tehran in the presence of a number of cultural figures and literati.  

During the ceremony, Cultural Deputy Seyyed Abbas Salehi asserted that the relations between Iranian and Afghan nations should be traced to the era prior to emergence of Islam and the years that followed until the present time.

He said Iranians and Afghans have always remained together under all kinds of circumstances and historical hardships. 

He further underlined some sectarian movements and efforts made to avoid unity between the two nations in recent years which should be meticulously studied and addressed properly.

“Extremist, ethnic and religious approaches in both Iran and Afghanistan are focused on keeping the two nations distant from each other and hinder establishment of links between them,” he added.

He posited that misunderstandings are another cause of divergence between Iran and Afghanistan, and added that those who care about the continuation of relations between the two states should work out ways. We underscored the role of various media in expansion of relations, and asserted that joint media projects in Tehran and Kabul should be doubled so that deeper relations can be presumed to take place between them.

To bolster ties between the two nations, he proposed that a bureau commissioned for studies on Iran and Afghanistan should be formed in a bid to augment relations between the two Middle Eastern states. He argued that the bureau is needed to provide the ideological and academic foundations for addressing cultural issues in this regard.

“The Bureau would be a great measure to maintain deep and expanded ties between Tehran and Kabul,” he said. 

Elsewhere in his address, Salehi underlined the significance and role of the cities of Balkh and Nayshabour in expansion of Islamic civilization, especially before the Mongolian invasion.

He described the Persian language as the linking piece between Iran and Afghanistan as two of the only three countries where Persian is the official language.

He finalized his statements saying that the revolution poetry has become an indispensible part of the literature in these two countries.

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