During the 3rd specialized session of Majlis history, the head of the Majlis library announced the establishment of the specialized library of Majlis history saying that great works have been purchased which can be offered to the researchers.
Specialized library of Majlis history established
IBNA: The 3rd specialized session of Majlis history was held on Tuesday, May 15, which was attended by head of the Majlis library Hojatoleslam Rasul Jafarian, Hojatoleslam Doaee and a group of historians.

Jafarian talked about the 3rd session saying that during the past three years we have established a tradition for researching the field of Majlis history. It seems that the subject couldn’t be researched but experience has revealed that the field is expanded."

He then talked about the publication of documents related to the Majlis and said:" Before me, a four volume collection of Clerical docs were released and currently the fifth vol. has been printed as well."

He added:" We attended the 25th Tehran International Book Fair displaying 25 works. We are doing our best to expand documentary researches and set up an academic field as well. I suggested it for M.A last year but no results were gained."

Moreover we can work on religious minorities as well, he added.

In other news, he talked about the specialized library of Majlis history and added:" Individuals can send their works to the library and we have purchased good works as well."

These data should be presented as CDs, he noted.

He went on to say that the Majlis's detailed negotiations have been released as a CD but it had many mistakes and an edited version is to be presented by a month or so.

We still have a long way towards ideal standards and we like to release the data on the net or CDs immediately following its production, he added.

The head of the Majlis library added:" Iranian students are used to read sources and theories of western scholars. They sometimes read and memorize western thoughts while it is far from Iranian's thinking basics."

Iran fails to have good thinking which indeed has affected our educational system as well, he finally said.

The specialized workshop of the 3rd specialized session of Majlis history has kicked off and top articles will be presented in it.

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