"Villa triste", "Une Jeunesse", "Dimanches d'août", "Dora Bruder", "L'Horizon" and "Catherine certitude" are six works by French writer Patrick Modiano's recently translated into Persian.
Patrick Modiano travels to Iran
IBNA: About 10 books of this French writer are so far rendered into Persian, and six more translations stand in the line. "Une Jeunesse" (Youth), "Villa triste" (Tristful Villa), and "L'Horizon" (The Horizon) are translated by Hossein Soleymaninejad; "Dimanches d'août" (August Sundays) is rendered into Persian by Shirazeh Ayatollahi, "Dora Bruder" by Nasrin Asgharzadeh and "Catherine certitude" by Roya Khoyi.

Patrick Modiano is a French novelist born 30 July 1945 in Boulogne-Billancourt of a father of Jewish Italian origins and a Belgian mother. He is a winner of the Grand prix du roman de l'Académie française in 1972, the Prix Goncourt in 1978 for his novel Rue des boutiques obscures. Modiano was honored with the prestigious 2010 Prix mondial Cino Del Duca by the Institut de France for his lifetime achievement. He is also a well-known novelist in other countries and most of his works are translated into other languages. 

French critics consider his writings an internal quest – a desire Modiano fulfilled through living the life of his fictional characters. 

"Une Jeunesse" (Youth) is a quasi-biographical novella dealing with characters similar to Modiano himself. In 1983 a film was made based on this story. "Une Jeunesse" (Youth), "Villa triste" (Tristful Villa), and "L'Horizon" (The Horizon) are translated by Hossein Soleymaninejad. 

"Dimanches d'août" offers delicate portraits of Parisian streets through vivid imagery and minute description that carry the reader away to unknown places. This novel is translated into Persian by Shirazeh Ayatollahi and will be published by Eshtad.
In "Dora Bruder" Modiano examines some historical events on the borderline of dream and reality, by going beyond his usual introversion to society. He analyzes different aspects of human lives and portrays their solitude and loneliness. The book is rendered into Persian by Nasrin Asgharzadeh. 

"Catherine certitude" is accompanied with illustrations made for teens. Converted into Persian by Roya Khoyi, it chronicles the simple life of a father and daughter with their particular problems. In this work Modiano is concerned with childhood problems and by moving between past and the present he reviews memories that could belong to any individual. 

Before these six, novels such as "Accident nocturne", "Voyage de noces", "‎Rue des boutiques obscures" and "Quartier perdu" were introduced to Persian bookshelves.
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