A collection of haikus by American poet Jack Kerouac is being translated to Persian by Alireza Abiz and is to get published in the next two months.
Abiz translates Kerouac
IBNA: The Persian poet, Alireza Abiz, is translating the 'Book of Haikus' (first published in 2003) of Jack Kerouac.
Abiz said: "This collection includes 300 pieces of Kerouac's haikus collected in 350 pages." 

He continued: "Kerouac's haikus are different than Japanese haikus. Kerouac is the founder of a new style of haiku in English and his haikus are about daily life." 

He explained: "Some of Kerouac's innovations regard the language. The language of his haikus is simple and close to prose. Also, there is particular emphasis upon seasons in Japanese haikus whereas this element is totally removed from Kerouac's works. 

Abiz stated that the concepts of Kerouac's haikus are quite modern and up to date, he added: "Kerouac has applied elements of daily life in his haikus. He is not restricted to the 17 syllable format of Japanese haiku or necessarily writing them in three lines. 

Jack Kerouac, originally French-Canadian writer and poet was born in Massachusetts and grew up there. Then he studied in Colombia University and majored in football. Here he made friends with Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs and later the three formed the core of Beat writers. 

Jack Kerouac's 'Book of Haikus' is translated by Alireza Abiz and is to be published by Ahang-e-Digar Publications.
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