In her ‘Feminist Social and Political Theory”, Janice McLaughlin lecturer of politics and sociology goes beyond traditional concepts to present a new vision of contemporary woman-oriented thought. Homeira Moshirzadeh has translated the book to Persian.
A new vision of contemporary woman-oriented thought
IBNA: Ziba Jalali Nayini, directing manager of Shirazeh Publications, announced the publication of this book and said: “McLaughlin has presented a well-made structure in this book as a clear introduction to the issue of relationship between feminist studies and current debates in social and political thought.”

She added: “The framework of this book goes beyond traditional issues and deals with the panorama according to women’s point of view to provide a new portrayal of contemporary woman-oriented thought to the mind of the reader.”

Jalali Nayini added: “McLaughlin applies a common structure for this task in her books and leads our minds through a series of questions and feminine criticism of current concepts and suppositions. Then it is followed with a discussion over the application of these issues in social life and contemporary political sphere through a good case study.”

Directing manager of Shirazeh Publications then referred to clear and succinct style of this book and said: “The writer provides a systematized analysis of a wide range of present works and meanwhile highlights the significance and values of feminist perspectives.”

The book “Feminist Social and Political Theory” is published in 311 pages.

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