Dario Fo’s plays “One needn’t pay for a buy” and “Dead Sale” were released with Jamshid Kaviani’s translation.
Plays of Dario Fo reached Iran
IBNA: As a storywriter, playwright, painter and director famous for his sociopolitical texts, Dario Fo could found the Milan Academy of Fine Arts and received Nobel literary prize in 1997. In 2006, he was awarded ah insigne by the roman University of Sapienza.

In 1968, Dario Fo founded Associazione Nuova Scena theatre collective with movable stages with the purpose of retrieving originality in public theater and adding social stature to it. In 1969 Fo presented for the first time Mistero Buffo ("Comic Mystery"), a play of monologues based on a mix of medieval plays and topical issues, which was a success. 

The translator believes that in these plays Dario Fo ties the western tradition of Comedia Dell’Arte with leftist ideology and opposition and his works contain a delicate irony beyond theater halls and has forced politicians and men of power to react, explain and finally change. 

This book includes his famous comedies “One needn’t pay for a buy” and “Dead Sale” which so far are translated into all living languages of the world and stages for many times. “Dead Sale” is an example of a large number of small comedies written for performance in small theater halls. 

“One needn’t pay for a buy” and “Dead Sale” written by Dario Fo and translated by Jamshid Kaviani is published by Cheshmeh Publications in 1200 copies and price of 4200 Tomans.

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