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Woody Allen plays released

28 Jul 2010 - 13:03

Woody Allen’s plays ‘Play it again Sam’ and ‘Don’t Drink the Water’ are released with Behrang Rajabi’s translation.

IBNA: the story of ‘Don’t Drink the Water’ occurs in US embassy based in a communist country.

The play ‘Play it again, Sam’ deals with the life story of a cinema critic jilted by his spouse. His friends take measures to help and condole him.

These two books are Woody Allen’s first experiences as a playwright and both plays have been adapted into films stared by himself.

The plays ‘Play it again, Sam’ and ‘Don’t Drink the Water’ written by Woody Allen and translated by Behrang Rajabi are published by Cheshmeh publications in 2000 copies and price of 3500 Tomans.

Woody Allen is an American director, actor, writer and comedian. The large volume of his productions has turned him into one of the most effective modern filmmakers.

Allen does the screen writing and directing of his movies himself and also plays in most of them. In his works, he has paid attention to literature, philosophy, psychology and mostly to New York.

Among his written works one can refer to ‘God’, ‘Death’, ‘Mere Anarchy’, etc.

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