"Jesus and Mary in Islamic Mysticism" by Professor Annemarie Schimmel, is translated from German to Croatian.
The translation of "Jesus and Mary in Islamic Mysticism" into Croatian
IBNA: According to the general office of public relations of culture and Islamic communications organization, the book was translated and published with the help of Iranian cultural attaché in Zagreb.

The book was translated into Croatian by Sa'ad Muhammadovic, and analyses the links between Islam and Christianity by emphasizing on Jesus (pbuh) and Muhammad's (pbuh) roles as the messengers of God.

Annemarie Schimmel had said on this book: "I wrote this work to show my compatriots the strength of the links between Islam and Christianity. I hope that Muslims' respect for Jesus, son of Mary, and their love for Mary could be a link between these two religions.

Annemarie Schimmel (April 7, 1922 – January 26, 2003) was a well known and very influential German Orientalist and scholar who wrote extensively on Islam and Sufism. 

She received a doctorate in Islamic languages and civilization from the University of Berlin at the age of nineteen. At twenty-three, she became a professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Marburg (Germany) in 1946, where she earned a second doctorate in the history of religions in 1954. 

Jesus and Mary in Islamic Mysticism is published by Sinskey Turk publications in 1000 copies. It is available in Croatian bookshops and book sites.
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