IBNA- Secretariat of the 2nd Tehran Virtual Book Fair (TVBF) issued a call inviting all ‎publishers, cultural institutes, associations and literary agencies to participate at the ‎international section of the event.‎
Call for participation at int
By Ali Ameri

Regarding the current condition of the world confronted with coronavirus pandemic, the organizers of the 2nd TVBF decided to hold the event virtually.
The objective is to provide a ground for introducing Iranian publishing industry as well as interaction and dialogue among Iranian and foreign activists of books and publication, public relations office of Iran’s Book and Literature House reported.
All qualified publishers and literary agencies are invited to refer to the website www.ketab.ir for registration from December 27 to January 7.
International section is an appropriate forum for those who have sold the rights of their books to international publishers or intend to do so; those Iranian publishers who have published books in foreign languages for international markets as well as those Iranian publishers and literary agencies interested in purchasing the rights of foreign books for publishing them in Persian in Iran.
All books which are supposed to be introduced at international section of the book fair must have been received print permission from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
Furthermore, the priority goes to the books with Iranian and Islamic contents, bilingual books and those which have been the winners of Iranian or International book festivals.
TVBF has been born out of Tehran International Book Fair is (TIBF) which is the top Iranian book event held annually and one of the most significant cultural events in Iran. It has millions of visitors every year, including thousands of university students, scholars, and their families. A huge number of national visitors along with international exhibitors from different countries make this event one of the unique cultural events.
Due to the strict pandemic prevention and control measures adopted currently, and the fact that the safety of the participants has always been among one of the utmost priorities of the organizers, the Tehran International Book Fair for the second year is going Virtual from January 23 to 30 with the theme of "Child and kindness".
Therefore, this year at Tehran International Book Fair the focus will be on Children's books; however, the fair will welcome all international publishers and literary agencies all around the world active in different topics of the International publishing industry. It should be pointed out that this Virtual version of the Tehran International Book Fair is not a replacement for the physical one.
This Virtual edition of the Tehran International Book Fair like its physical edition is going to contain different sections, such as national and local publishers, and international publishers, and so on. Holding a series of online international professional meetings and events, holding online educational workshops and so on are among some of the programs of the Virtual Tehran International Book Fair. 
In the 1st TVBF 1732 domestic publishers registered to attend the event. Moreover, 180 foreign publishers presented 20000 books in the international section of the event.
142 cultural institutes and literary agents took part at the Right Center of the event, 145 unveiling programs, 20 international and 25 local webinars were organized and 180 Iranian and foreign experts made speeches in these online meetings.
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