IBNA- 'Starving the Anger Gremlin: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook on Anger ‎Management for Young People' (2012) by American author, therapist, psychologist and ‎criminologist Kate Collins-Donnelly has been translated into Persian and published.‎
A helpful psychological book
The book has been described as an imaginative yet simply written publication designed to assist young people to identify and take appropriate action to deal with their responses to anger. It has been translated into Persian by Ali-Akbar Ebrahimi. Neveshteh Publishing has released 'Starving the Anger Gremlin’ in 128 pages.
Meet the anger gremlin: a troublesome pest whose favorite meal is your anger, and the more he eats the angrier you get! There's only one way to stop him: starve him of angry feelings and behaviors, and make him disappear.
This imaginative workbook shows young people how to starve their anger gremlin and control their anger effectively. Made up of engaging and fun activities, it helps them to understand why they get angry and how their anger affects themselves and others, and teaches them how to manage angry thoughts and behaviors.
The tried-and-tested program, based on effective cognitive behavioral therapy principles, can be worked through by a young person on their own or with a practitioner or parent, and is suitable for children and young people aged 10+.
"Starving the Anger Gremlin" is easy to read and fun to complete, and is an ideal anger management resource for those working with young people including counselors, therapists, social workers and school counselors, as well as parents.
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