IBNA- 'The History of Shiism (From the Begining to the End of Minor Occultation)' ‎‎(2013), a book by Hojat ul-Eslam Gholam-Hassan Moharrami has been translated into ‎Urdu and published in India. ‎
Urdu translation of
The book has been translated into Urdu by Mowlana Sayed Nasim Reza Asef. The AhlulBayt (AS) World Assembly Publications with the cooperation of the Velayat Publications has published the book in 353 pages and 1000 copies in India.
The work provides an overview of the stages of formation and historical passages and internal branches of the Shiites, public relations department of AhlulBayt (AS) World Assembly reported,
In eight chapters, consisting of twenty-nine lessons, the book 'The History of Shiism (From the Begining to the End of Minor Occultation)' has identified the Shia denomination from different dimensions.
The main points of the contents of this work, which indicate the range of topics that the author has dealt with, are as follows: a brief look at the sources, how Shia originated, Shia historical periods, Shiite and Alawite uprisings, Shiite geographical area, internal branches of Shiism, Shiite scientific heritage, and the role of Shiite poets in the development of Shiism.
According to the author, the history of Shiism is not separate from the history of Islam because Shiism is a continuation of the prophetic Islam, led by the successors who were introduced to the Islamic Ummah by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
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