IBNA- A ceremony for commemorating renowned Persian poet Hafez of Shiraz was held ‎in the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan capital.‎
Ashgabat commemorates the Day of Hafez
In the wake of the Day of Hafez on October 12, a commemoration ceremony was held in Iran’s Cultural Attaché in Ashgabat.
Iran’s Ambassador to Turkmenistan Gholam-Abbas Arbab Khales gave a speech in the ceremony, praising the character and works of Hafez of Shiraz and highlighted cultural exchange between Iran and Turkmenistan, IRNA reported.
He said that introduction of scientific and cultural figures of Iran and Turkmenistan to peoples of both countries would make both Iranians and Turkmens understand how close they were.
Iran’s Cultural Attaché Navid Rasouli said in a speech that the 18th century great Turkmen poet Magtymguly Pyragy knew the Persian language well and was inspired by Iranian poets, especially Hafez of Shiraz.
Jan Mohammad Gholamov, a Turkmen cultural activist, who spoke in the ceremony, said that great figures of countries do not merely belong to those countries, but they are universal.
On the sidelines of the commemoration ceremony, several other events were held, including a theater of Hafez's life, reading articles on Hafez and poets and an exhibition of calligraphy works created by Turkmen learners of the Persian language.
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