IBNA- Turkish translation of Iranian children book 'Look at This Way' written and ‎illustrated by Ali Khodaei published by Nar Publishing in Istanbul under the title ‘Bir De ‎Böyle Bak’.‎
Iranian children book
The original Persian version of the book was released by the Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (CIDCYA) in 2018. 'Look at This Way' was translated into Turkish by Milad Salmani, public and international department of CIDCYA in Tehran reported.

The English translation of the book by Siamak Mazlumi was also published in 2018. The children story is about a group of animals, which find a bizarre picture in a jungle and discover their own images in that. Reading the story, children join the animals and try to find the images of the animals in the picture.
Negotiations on purchasing the copyright of 'Look at This Way' was held during the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) between Nar Publishing and CIDCYA, later, in September 2020 an agreement was signed and the right of the book was acquired by the Turkish publisher which has released the book recently.
Nar Publishing has translated and published numerous books in Turkish and has actively participated at international book fairs. Furthermore, by introducing the works of writers from other countries as co-0thers, it has paved the way for the translation and publication of many Turkish books in other languages of the world. So far, this publisher has released over 500 children books as well. 
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