IBNA- International Philosophy of the City Conference will be held in Bilbao, Spain on ‎October 14—16, 2020. ‎
Bilbao to host Int’l Philosophy of the City Conference
The event will be hosted by Universidad de Navarra and the City of Bilbao and several scholars from various countries such as Dr. Richard Sennett (London School of Economics), Dr. Paula Cristina Pereira (Universidade do Porto) and Dr. Francisco Colom González  (Institute of Philosophy – Centre for Human and Social) will participate in the event.
Topics of the conference are but not limited to:
Philosophy of (and in) Urban Planning
The City in the History of Philosophy
New Governances and Urban Policies
Productive and Sustainable Cities: Technology, Infrastructure, Environment and Urban Mobility
Urban Regeneration, Segregation and Gentrification
Urban Peripheries: Social Institutions, Policies, and Territories
The Social Production of the Habitat and the Urban Commons
Urban Justice and Right to the City:
Class, Gender, Race
Immigration and Postcolonialism
Housing, Education and Social Services
Political Antagonism, Social Movements, Urban Conflict and Urban ResiliencePublic Space: Identities, Heterotopias and New Public Spaces
Art and Music in the City
Neighborhood & Domesticity
Urban Tourism Challenges
Big Data and Smart Cities
The City and the Mind
Urban Aesthetics
For more information visit: www.philosophyofthecity.org.
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