IBNA- Women's Studies Committee of Iranian Political Science Association will hold the ‎First International Conference on "Politics, Women’s Studies and the Future" scheduled ‎for October 1, 2020. ‎
Iran organizes Int’l Conference, "Politics, Women’s Studies and the Future"‎
The event will take place in an academic and international atmosphere bringing together a truly international community of academics to share experiences and exchange research findings on all specialized aspects of this field. This Conference will be a unique scientific opportunity, combined with discussion sessions on the latest trends, concerns, challenges and innovations in the field, Iranian Political Science Association website reported.  
Key speakers of the conference will be:
- Anne Phillips, Professor in Political Science, London School of Economics (LSE)
- Lena Wangnerud, Professor in Political Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
- Joni Lovenduski, Professor in Politics, University of London
- Donna Lee Bowen, Professor of Political Science and Middle East Studies, BYU Kennedy Center
- Tarja Vayrynen, Professor in Peace and Conflict Research, Tampere University
Themes and topics include:
- Women’s right from perspectives of decision making institutions and international conventions
- Women’s roles and opportunities in different areas
- Comparative study of the status quo and the desired condition
- Women’s participation in policy making in various fields
- Obstacles, strategies and legal/institutional frames to develop women’s political participation
- Conceptual and theoretical frames and mechanisms in women’s studies
- Methodological requirements and foundations in women’s studies
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