IBNA- Four books released by Iran’s Center for the Intellectual Development of Children ‎and Young Adults (ICIDCYA) whose copyrights were earlier bought, have been ‎translated into Chinese and published.‎ ‎ ‎
Four books released by ICIDCYA translated into Chinese
These books are: ‘The Bird, the Boy and the Train’ (2016) by celebrated Iranian poet ‎and writer Ahmad-Reza Ahmadi and illustrated by Rashin Kheyrieh; 'There Was the Moon and the Fox' (2000), 'The Amiable Sara' (2014) and 'I 'm Afraid' (2010) all written and illustrated by Anahita Teimourian, public and international relations department of ICIDCYA reported.
The books have been published by CNPIC Digital Printing in Beijing in cooperation with Kia Literary Agency of Iran and You Book Agency in China.
‘The Bird, the Boy and the Train’ is centered on the story of a boy whose bird has fled through the windows of a train the boy is traveling by, and he searches everywhere to find his bird.
'There Was Moon and the Fox' is the story of a Fox fallen in love with the moon who is determined to climb up the mountain, catch the moon and take it to his lair.  'The Amiable Sara' is centered on the young Sarah and her doll which has laid in the yard, gazing at the sky."
It should be noted that negotiation for transferring the copyrights of these books was held in 2017 between Kia Literary Agency and You Book.
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