IBNA- A bold story of love, lies and redemption, children novel 'Fire Colour One' (2015) ‎by English writer Jenny Valentine has been published in Persian and is available to ‎Iranian readership.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the novel has been translated into Persian by Mahmoud Mazinani and released by Paidayesh Publishing. Jenny Valentine is a winner of the annual Guardian Children's Fiction Prize, a once-in-a-lifetime book award judged by a panel of British children's writers for her ‘Finding Violet Park’ (HarperCollins, 2007).
Synopsis of 'Fire Colour One' reads: “A father and daughter reconnect after a life spent apart to find their mutual love of art isn’t the only thing they share.
Sixteen-year-old Iris itches constantly for the strike of a match. But when she’s caught setting one too many fires, she’s whisked away to London before she can get arrested—at least that’s the story her mother tells.
Mounting debt actually drove them out of LA, and it’s greed that brings them to a home Iris doesn’t recognize, where her millionaire father—a man she’s never met—lives. Though not for much longer.
Iris’s father is dying, and her mother is determined to claim his life’s fortune, including his priceless art collection. Forced to live with him as part of an exploitive scheme, Iris soon realizes her father is far different than the man she’s been schooled to hate, and everything she thought she knew—about her father and herself—is suddenly unclear.
There may be hidden beauty in Iris’s uncertain past, and future, if only she can see beyond the flames.”
'Fire Colour One' in Persian has been published in 254 pages and 1000 copies.
Story Code : 289269
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