IBNA- Genius Iranian mathematician, computer scientist‏ ‏and‏ ‏founder of Fuzzy ‎logic, Professor Lotf-Ali Asgarzadeh, known as Lotfizadeh passed away‏ ‏in San ‎Francisco. He was 97.‎
Iranian theorist of fuzzy logic dies
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the Information Center of Tehran University, Professor Lotf-Ali Asgarzadeh (Lotfizadeh), who was retired from the University of California, Berkeley, was a graduate of the College of Engineering of Tehran University in 1942.
He then traveled to the United States, studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.I.T., and received his PhD in Columbia University.
The late Lotfizadeh published his work on fuzzy sets in 1965, a work in which he described the mathematics of fuzzy set theory, and in 1973 he proposed his fuzzy logic theory.
With 25 honorary doctorates from various universities, he officially retired in 1991 and lived in San Francisco, USA. He won several awards during his career including  Eringen Medal (1976), IEEE Hamming Medal (1992), Rufus Oldenburger Medal (1993) and so forth.  
In recognition of the scientific achievements of Professor Lotfizadeh, Tehran University awarded him an honorary doctorate and unveiled his bust in March 2015.  
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