IBNA- On the first day of the 34th Istanbul International Book Fair, a meeting was held in the Iranian stand with the theme of translation of Iranian children’s books into Turkish.
Consultation on Persian children’s books translation into Turkish held
According to IBNA correspondent quoting the public relations office of Iran’s Cultural Fairs Institute, the meeting was held in the presence of Boris Tanson, Director of Evrensel Basim Publications from Turkish, at Iran stand. This publication has translated and published 26 books from Shabaviz publications into Turkish. In this meeting, one of the translators of Iranian children’s books into Turkish were also present.
In this event, said: “Iranian children and adolescents literature has always been popular in Turkey. So, this publication always looks favorably at Iranian children’s books translated into Turkish for publication. In this regard, we have sent a translator to Iran to examine the situation of publishing children’s books there and finding the special opportunities available. Meanwhile, knowing writers like Fereidoun Amuzadeh Khalili, we decided to translate some of the Iranian books of children and adolescents into Turkish.
Several Turkish speaking news channels provided special reports from the Iranian stand and aired them at different new hours. Sahar News Network was also present at Iran stand and broadcast a special report on the activities of the Iranian stand.
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