IBNA- The most important works of influential orientalists and researchers of Quranic sciences has been displayed in the written section of the 23rd International Holy Quran Exhibition.
The most prominent orientalists and researchers of Quran introduced
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the Public Relations Office of the 23rd International Holy Quran Exhibition which is currently underway in Tehran, the section of the written works of this event considers the Quranic sciences for the first time, in order to acquaint the visitors with the orientalists and introduces the most prominent scholars and reviews their important works in the field of the Quranic sciences.
Gholamreza No’ei, director of the written works section, stated: “Orientalists are among those who carried out extensive studies on the Quran in the past centuries as well as well as the present age, and initiated other works as well.”
He continued that with regard to the importance of this issue, the International Quran Exhibition Committee on Written Works has displayed the prominent works on Quranic studies carried out by non-Muslims and orientalists. In addition to introducing the leading orientalists, their works and translations of their works have also been displayed in this exhibition.
He further continued to name some of these orientalists who were introduced in the written section and said: “’An Introduction to Understanding the Quran’ by Reggie Blucher is one of the works on display in this section which is translated into Persian and French. Another orientalist is Theodor Nöldeke whose books are translated from German into Arabic and Turkish.”
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