IBNA- The book ‘History of Persian Language’ (in Persian: Tarikh-e Zaban-e Farsi) translated from Persian to Urdu was published by Iran and Pakistan Center for Persian Researches.
‘History of Persian Language’ in Urdu published in Pakistan
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations office of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the book which is written by Mohsen Abolqasemi and translated by Mohammad Sarfaraz Zafar from Persian into Urdu mainly targets the students of Persian language and literature, the students of Iranian ancient languages, general linguistics and then all enthusiasts to this language which is rooted in Iran.
The original version of ‘History of Persian Language’ has been printed 13 times by Samt Publication Institute which produces University books for students of humanities. The Urdu translation has been divided into three parts to provide the readers with information about the history and development of the Persian language in the course of time.
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